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Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom will debut a gruesome new maze this fall when its Halloween Haunt nighttime event opens for its 10th season on Friday, September 15th, 2017.

The actors here are also very good, chasing and running, jumping out and zombie moans.Here their well done and highly effective, these folks were getting screams and scares all over the place.

Overall a good concept and idea, but I still wish it was a little darker inside.Considering this comes with your admission, the fright lane and the skeleton key addition.They use some odd items as drums, from buckets and barrels to electric sanders.

The actors are all good at getting scares and screams inside and pop out of some great spaces.

Dorney Park – Scare Zone™

A Weekly Review of Nearby Haunted Attractions by Scare-Seeker Joe Rovinsky.Interestingly, the park was originally opened in 1884 as a trout hatchery and summer resort.It was originally introduced in 1998 as Halloweekends, but was rebranded Halloween Haunt in 2008.For reference, here is also the 2014 Dorney Park Fright Feast.On select weekends in the fall, Dorney Park transforms into Halloween Haunt featuring haunted mazes, scare zones, rides and monsters prowling the park.

Very good and fun, the band members are high energy, but I would liked to have heard more of the percussion rather then the heavy-duty professional drum set which was pounding away in the background.


Jackson - Dorney Park - New York (194 miles) Departing from the hotel, today we will venture to Dorney Park, one of the most popular amusement parks on the East Coast, featuring over 100 rides and attractions specially-designed for young children.We had a Mozzarella with Oven-dried Heirloom Tomatoes as an appetizer, Baby Greens with a Honey and Fig Vinaigrette as the salad.It is the time of year where fog rolls into the Dorney Park midways and that means the monsters are starving.It allows guests who purchase the upgrade to experience an interactive room within the haunt that only Skeleton Key holders can see.

Bellhops, Angry Departed Guests, A Bride and Groom, In-laws, Twisted Workers and other fun, ghoulish types.Even with Halloween over a month away, lines already are long at some attractions.They will come at you from all directions and even misdirect you really well.Dorney Park is hiring 500 people for their annual Halloween Haunt, which transforms the popular Allentown amusement park into a haunted world.Nuclear fallout, people gone crazy, military invading to keep it contained.

However, they make an exception for Thunder Canyon (the wild river rapids ride) and Thunder Creek Mountain (the log flume ride).Halloween Haunt features 12 attractions spread out across Dorney Park.They are reaching out and trying to fix it so I think this deserves applause. Post.

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Your Halloween Haunt has restored my faith that Amusement Parks CAN produce excellent Halloween events.The Skeleton Key room here was easily my favorite- the actors inside the room are simply excellent and what they want you to do to escape.We spent the morning in the Peanuts kids area and the afternoon playing in the water.

Moving along to Chamber of Horrors, which also had a pretty crazy concept- A Wax Museum Gone Wrong.

It was also fairly varied up from a juggler, a person with a hula-hoop and even a crazy clown on a bicycle.

Dorney Park Kicks Off Halloween Haunt and Boo! Blast Sept 19th

Apple and Sausage Stuffed Chicken with Au Gratin Potatoes as the main course.The actors were going out of their way for scares, this maze is truly just HUGE and could have benefited from having more actors inside.

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At Dorney Park you are getting two parks for the price of one—water rides and thrills rides.

In the Fall the Halloween season is one of the best times to visit Dorney Park.You will have to be in good physical and mental shape to really take part, including some climbing and tight spaces.You go though a series of rooms and quickly figure out something has gone terribly wrong inside.

At first this area seemed a little slow but suddenly actors just began popping out like rats from a sinking ship, they where laying in wait for us.While this theme may be old and boring to some, it was done right here.The Skeleton Key room here is a little complicated but can be figured out, the only downside that I can say is the actor fell out of character surprised how quickly our group figured out the trick.The smell of corn gets to you and gives you that feeling your really in a corn field.

No typical Amusement Park problems here, Dorney has plenty of actors infesting their scarezones and all of them are really out to get a scream from you.

UPDATED: Dorney Park charges $15 for parking; doesn’t care

As stated above, we were invited for the Media Event for Halloween Haunt and for the Mansion Meal.Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.


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